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Workplace Personality Tests

Discover your workplace personality profile to build more effective and productive teams in your business.

Workplace Personality Tests Benefits

Workplace personality tests offer huge benefits for businesses including:

  • Improved sales and service outcomes
  • More effective leadership
  • More productive and engaged teams
  • Better communication across the business
  • A direct impact on the bottom line

D Type Personality Profile

D personality profiles are decision makers. They're direct and tend to prefer to lead as opposed to follow. They're very goal orientated and can organise themselves and others to reach these goals. Getting things done is their main focus at work, as such they can find repetitive or time-consuming tasks frustrating. They fear rejection most and if they have low emotional intelligence they may act before listening and confuse the team around them.

‍I Type Personality Profile

I personality profiles are people-oriented. They value relationships at work, whether that's with colleagues or customers. They're excellent at motivating others with enthusiasm and optimism. They're highly motivated by positive feedback and the approval of others. Their ideal work environment is a social one and they may struggle to be productive without this.

S Type Personality Profile

S personality profiles are also people-orientated and very empathetic. They're understanding, patient and make excellent team players. They tend to enjoy routine and may be resistant to changing the status quo and need reassurance. They're motivated by a positive team and working environment, as well as regular feedback and recognition. Their biggest fear is conflict and loss of security. If they have low emotional intelligence, they could find themselves agreeing to things they don’t want to do.

learning, as well as seeing projects through to the end result. They work best in autonomous roles with clear goals and expectations. Their biggest fear is getting things wrong. If they have low emotional intelligence, they can become overly critical of others who don’t meet their exact standards.

C Type Personality Profile

C personality profiles are critical thinkers with a high attention to detail. They are perfectionists in the workplace, holding themselves and others to a high standard. They enjoy researching and 

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