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Why Productivity Matters

Find out why productivity matters for businesses who want to drive growth and increase profitability long-term, with expert insight from the productivity experts.

Create a More Effective Small to Medium-Sized Business

By being clear which problems to solve today to achieve growth tomorrow, you can increase your profitability, build a stronger team and work fewer hours.

Without Operational Excellence business productivity is lower so running your business is much harder, growth is slow and eventually stops altogether.

It’s like riding a bicycle with nearly flat tyres, it’s hard work. But take the same bike with fully inflated tyres and it’s much, much easier and you go faster and further with less effort.

Low productivity is the gremlin in your business that we identify, isolate and remove leaving you less stressed and more profitable.

Productivity gremlins:

  1. Destroy your competitive advantage

  2. Increase stress within the business

  3. Increase the cost of doing business

Productivity gremlins are insidious and creep up on you unawares during times of business growth and profitability.

How did Elon Musk create Paypal, SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company beating the Banks, NASA, the car and tunnelling industries at their own game? By creating operationally excellent companies.

Your company’s operational excellence matters. It used to be the case that only your product or service had to be better than the competition, but now your service experience must be too, if not more so.

Today Amazon and Apple are your competition, they are setting the service experience expectations of your customers perhaps more than your direct competitors are.

Companies today must remove all the friction from the customer journey. This involves everyone in the value chain working as a single team in delivering an exceptional, seamless service experience. It means each employee understanding the value chain by having cross-functional knowledge to quickly identify and fix issues.

Operational excellence matters because your customers now expect it. This means using technologies that help you know who your customers are and how they behave.

Toyota is the biggest car manufacturer and a leader of operational excellence that other car companies follow with it’s Toyota Production System.

Process reengineering and business transformation now need to be a daily bottom-up driven task, not a periodic top-down strategic initiative.

Operational excellence should be end to end, enterprise-wide within your organisation covering the day-to-day operations, customer service, HR, IT, Finance, Sales and Marketing and all other departments too.

Unlock Triple Bottom Line Growth

Discover strategies to enhance profitability, cultivate a greener and more sustainable business model, and elevate overall well-being.

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