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What Is Business Productivity Management?

Business productivity management recognises that business performance is more about people than systems, tools and processes.

What is Business Productivity Management?

Published on:

24 Sept 2020

Business productivity management recognises that business performance is more about people than systems, tools and processes. It believes that with the right people in the right roles, motivated, aligned and focused effective systems will then evolve.

Systems are efficient, people are productive. The more efficient the systems, the more productive people can be. Being effective is doing the right thing at the right time. So increased productivity comes from improved efficiencies and effectiveness.

What Is Business Productivity Management?

Business Productivity Management combines three important business skills:

Business Management

Business management creates clarity around the target market, the problem being solved and why people will buy from the company against any other solution that may exist. It sets the direction of the company. It also considers strategy, vision and the values that identify the company itself and its culture.

Project Management

Project management addresses change management, helping to move the company from point A to point B in a safe and managed way. It considers costs, quality and time management, but importantly considers risk and communication management too.

People Management

People management considers, well, people; staff, managers and directors, in ensuring that they are properly motivated, aligned and engaged. It also considers the suppliers, partners and customers. It addresses “meaning” at both the individual and company level.

Benefits of Business Productivity Management

  1. It makes better use of time which leads to greater job satisfaction, self-esteem and business outcomes.

  2. It improves focus so more work gets completed, more quickly.

  3. It addresses personal productivity as much as it does business productivity.

  4. It minimises the need for meetings and makes the meetings that do take place more productive.

  5. It lowers costs by increasing resource utilisation.

  6. It increases market share by improving every customer contact.

  7. It reduces the working hours needed to achieve growth.

  8. It improves innovation and hence competitive advantage.

  9. It minimises the need for annual staff appraisals and rigid job descriptions by engaging with staff at a much deeper level.

  10. It creates a positive working culture and a stronger brand.

Bonus benefit

It alleviates the pressures on management to have all the answers all the time through greater collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Awardaroo can help you with your business productivity management. We’ll help your company transform into a productive learning organisation through our unique combination of project, people and business management.

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