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Telephone Skills Training

Improve sales and service productivity and the value of every call you take with our telephone skills training course and coaching.

Learning Overview

With improved behaviours, telephone skills and awareness, sales and service agents, receptionists and front desk staff can expect to become more confident in how to manage customer interactions on the phone.


They will learn best practice techniques for handling a myriad of different and difficult real world sales and service situations leading to improved outcomes for both themselves, the callers and your business

Learning Benefits

Our behaviours first approach to training means that learners leave feeling empowered to better manage not just interactions on the phone, but in many other situations at work too.


As we improve our communication skills, we also gain other benefits such as improving how we work in teams, lead and manage others.

Learning Audience

This course is for helpdesk and office staff, receptionists, frontline staff, sales and service agents and call centre staff who want to develop professional call handling skills, telephone etiquette and telephone manners that improve the effectiveness of their call handling and communications skills.

It's also for sales, marketing and call centre directors and business owners looking to improve the communication skills of their frontline sales and service staff.

Course Content

Module One: The foundations for success

Before we engage the prospect or customer we need to be prepared, ready and certain of what we want to happen.

Learn the importance of effective call control skills

  • Understand the caller’s real need, be the authority and guide the caller

  • Effectivey manage the call direction, journey, and conclusion

  • Manage call silences, pauses and call flow

Learn the new sales and service mindset

  • Learn how to be less transactional and more relational on every call

  • Create a more holistic mindset to sales and service

  • Create lasting, positive sales and service experiences

Learn time management for handling phone calls

  • Improve how you prioritise each call

  • Learn essential listening skills to avoid errors and repeats

  • Manage your pre and post call time more effectively

Module Two: Call Answering and Control Skills

With a plan, the right mindset, some best practices and your unique offer, we can engage with the prospect or customer with confidence and a clear goal.

Learn effective professional call answering skills

  • Discover the one thing you can do to improve every call outcome

  • Find out the right and wrong way to approach call answering

  • Learn the most effective way to answer a call that 90% of businesses just don’t do

Learn how to own the call and control each call stage

  • Understand this most important part of call handling

  • See how language can change the way the call progresses

  • Develop deep listening skills and expectation management

Learn how to technically manage the call

  • Learn the right and wrong way to transfer calls and put calls on hold

  • Understand how to adjust the call pace

  • Learn how to manage complaints and difficult callers with ease

Module Three: Closing the call

Learn how to effectively prepare for the call close

  • Understand the real value of the call close

  • Learn how to avoid common call close mistakes

  • Learn the key call close stages

Learn what not to do during the call close

  • Know where you are in the call close

  • Learn when not to close

  • Understand how to gauge how effective your call close was

Learn what to do after the call close

  • Understand when the call is actually closed

  • Learn key call close time management skills

  • Review call close next steps

Module Four: Applying these skills more widely

Learn how to apply these skills in business and life

  • Apply these skills face to face

  • Building stronger relationships

  • Improving the brand and reputation

Create Triple Bottom Line Growth

Discover strategies to enhance profitability, cultivate a greener and more sustainable business model, and elevate overall well-being.

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