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What are High Performance Work Systems (HPWS)?

When your employees have a voice they are able to air their concerns and suggestions for improvements and be confident they will be listened to.

What are High-Performance Work Systems (HPWS)?

Published on:

30 May 2024

High-performance work systems can be defined as a system which creates an environment in a business that allows an employee greater involvement and responsibility. Employees are seen as valued partners of the business which makes it possible to create and maintain competitive advantage because of the commitment of the employees to help the business succeed.

A key benefit of adopting a high-performance work system is an increase in business productivity and efficiency.

What are the key features of high performance work systems?

Employees that work in a business that has adopted a high-performance work system tend to benefit from:

  1. Having a voice

  2. Being well trained

  3. Are more motivated and committed

  4. Feel more secure in their roles

  5. Are carefully recruited

  6. Are better compensated

  7. Perhaps privy to key information

How do these benefits work and how do they impact employees?

In a high performance work system employees have a voice to air their concerns and suggestions

When your employees have a voice they are able to air their concerns and suggestions for improvements and be confident they will be listened to. This improves employee attitudes and team performance.

If they see a way they could improve the service they give to your customers it’s important that they feel comfortable in making that suggestion.

This can also improve the decision-making process by empowering your employees to be actively involved. Improved decision making, in turn, will have a direct impact on how efficiently your business runs and the productivity of your employees.

Every business, irrespective of size, suffers from inefficiencies that impact on its bottom line and the productivity of your staff. The skill comes from rooting out these inefficiencies, from the obvious to the hidden and obscure, to make your business more streamlined and a less frustrating place to work.

Your employees are at the sharp end of the businesses systems and procedures and if they can see a better way of performing a task or speeding up a process it is vital that they have the confidence to voice this so that it can improve their working environment or the service they offer your customers.

Companies that adop thigh-performance work systems tend to be bottom-up organisations that are employee-driven, actively encouraging employee participation and inclusion.


How to Develop High-Performance Work Systems (HPWS) to Increase Business Productivity: DOWNLOAD


HPWS features effective employee training for maximum motivation

Continuous effective employee training is a cornerstone of high-performance work systems.

Employees who fully understand the job that they do, from the reasons for their role to the technical skills needed to be effective, tend to be engaged and motivated.

Regular training and development has a positive impact on job satisfaction, improving the efficiency of the processes, raises morale and this, in turn, helps to reduce employee turnover and the associated costs that are involved in recruitment and onboarding.

On-going training that prepares your employees to take on further responsibility is both an effective motivator and gives your employee a higher skill base that allows them to help your customers more effectively and efficiently.

In a high-performance work system employees are motivated and committed to your company’s success

Employees in organisations that have implemented high-performance work systems are motivated and committed not only to their own personal success but also the prosperity of the company.

Being part of a business where the culture is based on commitment rather than control inspires staff to buy into the businesses goals and make them their own.

They are motivated by how the business is run, the positive impact that this has on their job, wellbeing and health and the belief these companies have in the value of their employees.

Their achievements are recognised and rewarded which consequently increases their motivation and commitment.

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