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How Your Hotel Front Desk Can Deliver A 5 Star Rating

We have been discussing the role of today’s hotel concierge. In a world where so much information is already to hand online and on your smartphone is there a need for a hotel concierge or is this role changing?

How Your Hotel Front Desk can Deliver a five-Star Rating

Published on:

19 Feb 2015

Is the role of a hotel concierge being replaced by new technology or is the traditional role of concierge just being enhanced? How does technology change demand for a hotel concierge?

We discussed how the front desk staff could fulfil more of this role, both when meeting customers in person on the front desk and also on the phone. Whatever star rating your hotel has, you can still ensure all customer contacts should have a 5-star rating.

Ensuring that your customer contacts have a five-star rating can be extremely profitable with guests staying more often, investing in a room upgrade, using more of the hotel’s facilities, leaving great reviews online and recommending the hotel to family and friends.

Smartphone apps and user generated reviews can certainly provide a lot of insight into what is good and not so good about a hotel. Apps can also show a lot about a hotel’s surrounding area and what’s on nearby and hotels are seeing the benefit in this.

Conrad Hotels have their own iPhone app The Conrad Concierge App. How many other hotels have their own concierge app? This is a great way to ensure the hotel’s guest has all they need.

I’ve not seen this app but I hope it has big button saying, “Call The Concierge” which then opens up a FaceTime session with the front desk or the hotel concierge.

As Robert Friedman in Hotel News Now writes, the Marriot uses a 55inch LCD touch screen in the lobby to provide information on flights, restaurants and more.

Marriott International’s Renaissance Hotels combine technology and personal service in a global hospitality program called “Navigator” which provides, through the use of technology, much of the information that a traditional hotel concierge would provide.

What are the responsibilities of the traditional hotel concierge?

  1. Personally greet guests and assist them to ensure that they have an enjoyable stay

  2. To have a detailed understanding of the hotel and surrounding area and the opportunities it can offer to guests.

  3. Make local recommendations based on the guests’ own special needs and interests for their stay

  4. Make bookings on behalf of guests

A hotel’s front desk staff have the more functional role of ensuring guests are checked in and out smoothly. However, they are increasingly responsible for ensuring a guest’s request for assistance is met. Whilst they do not take such a personal approach as a concierge they often take on the responsibility of offering out local maps and brochures or recommending attractions.

We can help you learn to deliver 5 star service at every contact point using our unique combination of our revenue intelligence system and hotel business coaching. Just get in touch to find out more.

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