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Valuation Architect Course

99% of small business owners are making these mistakes.

Are you a small business owner working tirelessly to grow your company but not seeing the results you deserve? If so, you’re not alone.


Learn the common mistakes 99% of small business owners make costing them hundreds of thousands of pounds and affecting their personal lives

Discover the right way to grow your business.

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  • P.S. Taking action now can save you from losing thousands of pounds and reclaim precious time for yourself and your family. Let's turn those costly mistakes into powerful growth opportunities together!

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"I’ve been running a small construction company with a dedicated team of eight for 22 years and always felt I should be making more money than I was. Paul has been helping me improve my estimating, scheduling, and tracking to create bigger margins and improve productivity. He clearly relates project delivery performance to business financials.

Most importantly, Paul is helping me plan what to do with the business next. I have always wanted to make my company more profitable and potentially create something to sell or leave as a legacy.

Paul is driven, very patient, and knowledgeable. I believe that if I persist, I will finally achieve mastery."

Tracy, Construction Company Owner

  • Clear net profitability goals and execution plan

  • Real accountability

  • Holistic approach improving every business area 

  • Market Share Increased by 10%

  • Instructions Increased by 69%

  • Listings Increased by 73%


Mitch Mitchison, Estate Agent General Manager

"I would highly recommend Paul to anyone running a business where personal interaction with customers is important and where they want to improve that engagement in a meaningful and effective way."


Martyn Russell, Estate Agent Owner

"I can highly recommend Paul for his business coaching skills as it goes well beyond what was originally expected. Paul cares about our Business, they have improved staff engagement, raised our service levels, and improved enquiry levels."


Kerry Newstead, Estate Agent Partner

"The coaching has helped us to recognise more opportunities on the calls, we are much more aware now of how a call can be managed more profitably."


Davinder Gharial, Estate Agent Business Owner

"Paul contributed to us winning the ‘Best Estate Agent Guide – Exceptional’. The staff that engaged with the service really saw the benefits in improved call outcomes.

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