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How to Improve Staff Performance

Are there any successful businesses out there that still don’t realise that their most important assets are their people? Any business is reliant on the people who staff it – who face customers each and every day, who man the phones, who generate the leads…

How to Improve Staff Performance

Published on:

9 May 2013

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one of the key determinants of success is the performance of your staff. Whether you're leading a small team or managing a large workforce, harnessing the full potential of your employees is paramount. Yet, achieving optimal staff performance isn't just about setting ambitious targets or implementing rigid systems; it's about cultivating an environment where individuals can thrive, grow, and contribute their best efforts.

From fostering a culture of continuous learning to implementing effective feedback mechanisms, there needs to be actionable strategies that empower both leaders and employees to excel.

So, whether you're a seasoned manager looking to fine-tune your approach or an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to build a high-performing team from the ground up, you need a roadmap to unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Revenue intelligence serves as a potent catalyst for enhancing staff performance

Revenue intelligence serves as a potent catalyst for enhancing staff performance by providing invaluable insights into customer behaviour, market trends, and sales strategies. By leveraging data-driven approaches, staff members can make informed decisions, identify lucrative opportunities, and optimize their interactions with clients.

Moreover, revenue intelligence equips employees with the tools and knowledge to personalise their approach, tailor offerings to meet customer needs, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Through comprehensive analytics and real-time feedback loops, staff members can continuously refine their skills, adapt to evolving market dynamics, and deliver exceptional value to both the organization and its clientele. Thus, integrating revenue intelligence into the fabric of operations not only fosters a culture of accountability and innovation but also empowers staff members to perform at their peak potential, driving sustainable business success.

So how do you ensure that the people in your business create a good vibe – create the environment that helps to grow your business? Clearly it’s important that your recruitment policies are sound and that you motivate your employees once they’re on board so that they continue to make good things happen to your bottom line.

Collaboration – sales, marketing & customer service departments

Attracting and keeping the right people is key. Creating the correct business and working environment where teams are valued is important if you’re to encourage collaboration and communication between teams that will do so much better if they are all working to the same goals. Communication and information sharing between teams is important as it will help with your people retention, as well as make everyone’s jobs easier!

How to improve staff performance

Helpful and constructive staff reviews will help with retaining your best people and encouraging people who are struggling with one area of their work.

Looking at your staff as a whole in terms of their performance as a department, and as individuals you can:

  1. See which of your employees are performing well, and which ones need a boost

  2. Identify performance and process issues experienced by individual team members, or the team as a whole

  3. Provide positive feedback, training and direction on their activity and results

  4. Open up the lines of communication between managers and employees through 2-way feedback

  5. Create a culture of collaboration between frontline departments, enabling cross-departmental feedback and input, bringing a fresh perspective to existing situations

  6. Reduce the burden on company resources by supplementing, and in some cases, completely replacing the need for traditional staff training methods

  7. Summarise feedback notes for a particular staff member, department, process, product or campaign.

Staff motivation

If you want staff to contribute to your organisation and make it successful then making them feel valued is the biggest step. Value can be shown in many ways; a verbal acknowledgement, a thank you letter, a promotion or a salary raise. Also supporting them with systems that help your staff do their jobs easily and intuitively will also make your people feel valued in the workplace.

Awardaroo is such a system and has been shown to have an immediate effect where companies are using its call tracking, monitoring and codifying functions for instance. Staff engagement is increasing, poor performers are being identified and trained to do better, and the best performers in sales teams are being rewarded – which all leads to a motivated workforce as well as a healthier looking bottom line. Just imagine how satisfying & profitable it would be to give more leads to the sales person who converts the best – and less to the sales person who is NOT converting – if only you knew who they were.

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