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How To Create An Integrated Revenue Generating Team

Learn how to create an integrated, revenue generating teams across your business with revenue intelligence software to increase your profitability.

How to Create an Integrated Revenue-Generating Team

Published on:

8 Aug 2013

It’s the nature of corporate beings that they are made up of separate departments. Marketing does their thing, sales do theirs, and customer services deals with what comes in.

Marketing generates the leads, Sales chases them down, and Customer Services tidies up after them. Right? Wrong. Collaboration and sharing can turn established business thinking on its head and ALL your departments can be as one, all generating revenue.

How to create an integrated revenue-generating team

It sounds like the impossible dream, doesn’t it? If it is all so easy, why doesn’t every company do it? With planning, collaboration and information being made available to all, then every company can. It’s all about the ease of availability for information.

To start off with creating your revenue-generating team, start with checking the following:

  1. How well do your sales staff handle calls in real time

  2. Log incoming and outgoing calls. Call monitoring and codifying software will help you identify gaps in knowledge, the need for more training, your most succesfull sales people and what customer incentives work

  3. Which of your leads never get logged

  4. Are all leads recognised as such? Make sure that staff aren’t missing any signals, or requests for more information.

  5. How well managed is your customer service?

  6. Staff should not only recognise the main issue, but dig deeper to see if there are any underlying issues that they can help with. Exceeding expectations is a sure-fire way to have your customers return.

  7. Sales and marketing to work as one collaborative team.

  8. Sales should be able to see how Marketing generate their leads, and Marketing should know which of their initiatives lead to the most sales. That way both departments can build on each other’s success.

  9. Who the best/worst sales staff are

  10. If a sales person is converting a much higher rate of leads than the others you will be able to divert more leads to them. A poorer performing sales person can be identified and coached or mentored to help them to achieve the higher rate of conversion.

Helping all your departments increase revenue

With all departments having access to company information and data, they can all see how what they do and what they don’t do contributes to the company’s success and performance. One team with one goal.

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