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5 Ways To Improve Your Estate Agency Business

Improve your estate agency business by becoming an authentic, people-centric business. Learn how in our simple guide for estate agents and letting agencies.

5 Ways to Improve Your Estate Agency Business

Published on:

24 Jan 2019

Being authentic is the number 1 priority for a service business, especially in the case of Estate and Letting Agents. It’s all about being genuinely real towards all the people you help, whether virtually or in person, creating an exceptional experience they will want to shout about from the house tops, so others want it too!

Last Christmas, I took my children to a local pottery and painting centre so they could learn how to make and paint clay objects. We had a good time but I noticed the staff were focused on playing an official part, rather than facilitating a very special, personal experience. We felt there was something missing.

Estate and Letting Agents often run their businesses like that. Entirely focused on meeting sales targets, booking appointments, answering phones and managing complaints, they lose sight of what they are all about; for most people, a journey to a new life. Instead they become ‘professional’ matchmakers of people to properties; parts to a process.

The real authentic reason for running an Estate or Lettings Agency gets missed. This is to help customers find a place to hang their hat at the end of a long, hard day. A place to call home.

5 easy ways to improve your estate agency business

So here are some practical ways to become a more authentic Estate or Lettings Agency where clients are guaranteed a listening ear and a place to feel ‘at home’.

1. Cherish your clients and suppliers

Research shows that buying or selling a house is more stressful than death or divorce. So, put all your stakeholders at the heart of the home buying and selling process. Take time out to discover their concerns by asking the right questions and offering the best help.

2. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes

Do the right analysis and research on your market so you know how to offer the best service. Mystery shopping, social monitoring, call analysis and Net Promotor Scores will help you do that.

3. Train your staff

Give your staff the right training so they know how to greet clients who visit virtually or in person and turn sales and service enquiries or complaints into terrific testimonials.

4. Reward excellence

Appreciate the qualities every single staff member contributes to their work. Each one brings something valuable. Recognise their achievements. Create a brilliant buzz around everything they do.

5. Keep up to date

Know about all the relevant news and legislation affecting the property market. A new Tenants Fee Bill in June 2019 will remove the tenancy fee and with it an important revenue stream for Estate and Lettings Agents. Rather than resist change, embrace it and seek new opportunities to not only survive, but thrive.

In the competitive, fast moving Estate and Lettings market, never lose sight of the most important selling point of all: being authentic.

Genuinely put your staff, clients and suppliers at the heart of your business. Then then they will love you back, stay loyal and tell others about you too. What’s not to love about that?

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